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    Battling a tough task? Call in some air support. Air compressors and the air tools they match save time, labor, energy and money. Beyond inflating tires, an air compressor can power air sprayers, air impact wrenches, air ratchets, air die grinders and more.. Shop our squadron of portable air compressors. They’re light and maneuverable like a fighter, with bomber power and features for jobsite, shop, garage and home.
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    Not all power tools need electricity or use a battery. Air tools use compressed air for power, making them convenient, powerful and versatile. Air tools are especially suited for high-torque applications and repetitive grinding, sanding and assembly tasks. Attach an air hose to a compressor, then use the extra power to give you torque you need. Air compressors are also useful for cleanup or drying cars by usingcompressed  air to remove dust, dirt and water.

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    Any automotive specialty tool can help make a vehicle repair or maintenance task easier. Powerbuilt® automotive tools take the concept of ‘help’ a big step further. Most Powerbuilt automotive tools include professionally written instructions and photos that take you step by step through proper tool usage. So you can get the repair done and get back on the road faster. Shop our boot-to-bonnet selection of automotive tools now.
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    Think of a portable generator as a wall socket to go. The world’s longest extension cord. Your personal electric company. The mission: provide the power needed to operate electric appliances and tools, whether it’s a refrigerator, television, lights, computer, table saw, blender, or all of the above. Use a portable Snap-on® generator to power your important stuff virtually anywhere. Check out our selection of generators for home, jobsite, recreation and emergencies.
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    Everybody needs a lift now and then. Until they invent Botox for cars, you’ll need a jack to lift your daily driver, trailer queen or garage find. Then you’ll want wheels to work on your wheels, on the down-low with a floor creeper or downright upright on a roller seat. If your car cosmetic clinic is short on space, check out our multi-use products that combine jacks with jack stands and creepers with stools. They’ll save you enough to cover the co-pay on your next ‘touch-up’.
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    Hand tools have been around since caveman days, and they’ve survived the digital age. Turns out a few people still work with their hands; others find the convenience, portability and simplicity of hand tools irresistible. And a hand tool set makes a great gift for even the most ‘connected’ young adult moving to a cave of their own. Pliers, hammers, sockets, ratchets, screwdrivers, a bolt cutter, wrenches, tapes, dinosaur bones…whatever fits the job, you’ll find it here.
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    Need some order in your life? Organize your living and work spaces. You'll feel better, save time and be more productive when your stuff is organized, visible and right at hand when you're ready to use it. Shop our selection of home and wall organization systems, including starter sets, utility panels, pegboard, shelves, hooks and accessories. They're simple to assemble, flexible and versatile.
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    Living your own survival cable show? Whether charting a course through the dense urban jungle or leaving the city lights for wide open spaces, carry the right tools. You never know whose camping trip, back-country epic or, heck, life you might save. We've curated a fine selection of multi-tools and everyday carry knives that’ll get you there and back. Tactical, hunting, fishing, outdoor and industrial folding knives in aluminum, G-10, Pakkawood and more. Even if you don’t cook and eat your own shoe-leather, at least you’ll look like you could.
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    Let There Be Light! And let it be bright, long lasting and able to take a knock or two without going to the dark side. Thanks to digital technology, LED lights have gotten smaller, brighter and longer-lived in the last 5 years. Not all lights are created equal, of course. Fortunately, there are no dim bulbs in our lighting shop, just lots of shining stars, including durable and compact LED worklights, flashlights, pocket lights and more. Shine on.
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    Need to grease some skids? Silence a squeak? Oil a Tinman? Don’t lose it, just lube it! Grease guns, fluid pumps, oil cans grease fittings, bucket pumps, suction guns. Whatever lubrication tools you need to clean up a slick or create one, we have oil you need, we think you’ll agrease.
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    The right outdoor gear makes everything from peak pursuits to campus cruises to growler gets easier, faster and more fun. Blend in with camo, stand out with hi-vis or melt into the shadows with stealth black knives, multi-tools, lights, backpacks and bags. Hike. Camp. Fish. Glamp. Hunt. Hunker. Quaff. Repeat.
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    Power to the People! Especially folks who have a lot of holes to drill, screws to drive, wood to cut, metal to shape or axes to grind. If that describes you, then you’ll love our selection of cordless drills, angle grinders, rotary tools, circular saws, vsr drills, sanders, polishers and more. Hand tools have their place, but sometimes you Just. Need. More. Power.
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    A cordless drill without a drill bit is like a circular saw without a blade. An angle grinder without a wheel. Lonely, incomplete, unfulfilled. Don’t let your power tools languish in a state of partial animation. Bring them to life with drill bits, jigsaw blades, cutting wheels, rotary files, grinding stones, and polishing pads. Our power tool accessories shop has everything a best-dressed power tool needs to complete the outfit.
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    If only garden hoses had a fire hose setting. Then you could power through tough and big cleaning jobs in no time. A pressure washer is the next best thing. Nothing like a laser-focused jet of water to remove dirt, grease and mystery muck in a big hurry. For the toughest grime fights, gasoline power pressure washers are the ticket. Go electric for smaller cleaning jobs and added portability and convenience. We’ve got them both, so water you waiting for?
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    Tools are great time savers. They make you more productive. Maybe even earn you money. Unless you spend all your time looking for them, or forget them altogether. Help your tools be all they can be. Line them up. Put them in their place. Go ahead, they need the discipline. Make it easy on everyone with wide-mouth tool storage bags, bucket totes, rolling bags, trunk organizers and folding seats. This sort of thing is our bag, baby!